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Join us for the day and you will see why The Shops at Waterloo Town Square is a great destination - enjoyed by all.

Mall Hours*

10AM - 6PM   Monday
10AM - 6PM   Tuesday
10AM - 6PM   Wednesday
10AM - 8PM   Thursday
10AM - 8PM   Friday
10AM - 6PM   Saturday
12PM - 5PM   Sunday

*Individual store hours may vary.  See Directory for more details.

The Shops at Waterloo Town Square, located at 75 to 115 King St. S., has something for everyone - from specialty boutiques to established national retailers, quick serve meals to a relaxed dining experience.


Check out the latest fashion trends in the heart of uptown Waterloo.

The Shops at Waterloo Town Square
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Quick serve or leisurely dining the heart of Uptown Waterloo.

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Beertown Public House King Street Waterloo
Uptown Waterloo Professional Office Space


Business with all the conveniences in the heart of Uptown Waterloo.

Office Buildings Uptown Waterloo Town Square
Willis Way office space for lease
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LEASING | 85 Willis Way under construction

We are pleased to also announce that Waterloo Town Square will also be home to a new 85,000 sq ft office and retail space. This state of the art building provides an exciting opportunity for businesses and retail shops to be at the centre of Uptown Waterloo.  Find out about leasing opportunities.

new construction Uptown Waterloo Town Square Willis Way
Leasing retail and office space 85 Willis Way Uptown Waterloo Town Square